Monday, January 14, 2013

the other B word...

In which my lack of maturity and inability to use the other "b" word becomes apparent to my co-author.

11:15 AM me: if Alex is prancing around this photoshoot in skimpy underwear, doesn't he have to worry know...certain things happening?
11:16 AM Mark Perini: I mean for me when you're doing an underwear shoot you stay in work don't really worry about it
11:17 AM You just keep it professional. I like to keep it jokey because essentially everyone is a little uncomfortable
11:18 AM me: it really NEVER happens?
11:20 AM Mark Perini: I suppose it does happen especially if your making out with a beautiful model and you're also in your underwear that's just nature kicking in...but its never happened to me on a job...
11:21 AM I just keep thinking WORK MODE WORK MODE WORK MODE
11:22 AM me: I think this was the hardest question for me to ask you thus far....I lack maturity when it comes to using the other B word
 Mark Perini: Lol another pun...
 me: Do you think it happens in movies/TV? Like to the actors?
11:23 AM lol...damn I should have caught that one
11:26 AM Mark Perini: I would say absolutely it happens to actors because they are doing that stuff for real and they are in less clothing...and I've heard that some sets let the actors really do the act...
11:27 AM me: yeah, porn movies. I can't even look at male underwear ads let alone watch a porn movie. Let's just hope research isn't going to require this...
11:29 AM Mark Perini: Hahaha no I mean like regular movies that have sex scenes the actors really partake to make it look as real as possible
11:31 AM me: ok. a movie with an actual plot. I can handle that. this is why I like Cosmo...all the pictures are couply and it's all about love...okay not all about love but you know what I mean
11:32 AM Mark Perini: Absolutely they actually use real couples a lot of time in Cosmo. My Ex and I did a shoot in Cosmo...
  They booked us because we were a couple
 me: see? I must have an eye for real love.
11:33 AM I'm all about the story and if it's good I'll take whatever graphic details go along with it
 Mark Perini: Yeah I think there is something compelling about real emotion
11:34 AM Something that brings you in that's why I like shooting lifestyle stuff...its more authentic and it comes off as such in the pictures
11:35 AM me: I also think that with male underwear ads, they have to be stuffing things in the really looks like that. But don't tell me the answer. I'd rather just be ignorant on this particular subject.   Tell me that you haven't wondered this exact same thing at one point or another? Come on...I know you have.  Later,JC   P.S. VORTEX is out tomorrow! Mark will be reviewing it here tomorrow! His review matters more than any others because he's on the cover. So, be sure to come back tomorrow.  


  1. I have wondered this exact thing many, many, many times. My husband's favorite show is Sparticus and I'm certain that those people (at least some if not all) must struggle with the B word. Have you ever watched? It is extremely graphic in both sexual content and gore. My husband loves it and so I watch it with him since he watches Switched at Birth with me :) I also have wondered about real couples shooting a scene like that. Makes me think of Twilight Saga's BD prt 1. When Edward and Bella finally get down to business. I saw both actors in interviews speak about the fact that it was hard to keep it PG 13--everyone knows they're a couple and it would make sense that they would actually do it. I think it would look awkward if, as a real, couple who does it frequently you then had to "fake" it.

    1. From Sparticus to Switched at it! And regarding Rob and Kristin, you're right, it was probably partially real. They should have just invited the camera crew over to their place. That'd be a great way to multi-task.