Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Starwars: men are from Mars women are from Venus

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Where we discuss if Kelly Clarkson practices the Darkside of the force....

10:20 PM Julie Cross: Got your email
  I'm not editing book 3, I'm drafting it. Its giving me anxiety and possibly minor hair loss. Someone just hung themselves...or is it hanged? And there's maelstroms in Norway
10:23 PM And I'm really excited you're liking Vortex so far!
10:27 PM me: Lol that's really serious...I didn't realize the books get so dark...I'm right in the beginning of Vortex and I love it
10:28 PM I love spy stuff so I'm in heaven
10:29 PM Julie Cross: Vortex gets really dark...Brendan says its my Empire Strikes Back book...attack on Hoth and all that
10:30 PM me: Lol well everyone needs to have their Darkside exposed from time to time can't be angelic all the time
10:31 PM Lol I love empire strikes back...really I loved all the Starwars movies
 Julie Cross: I'm singing Kelly Clarkson now..."everybody's got a dark side..."
10:32 PM me: Hahahaha I don't know if I believe that Kelly Clarkson has a Darkside lol she's got some serious pop music
 Julie Cross: I couldn't remember the second star wars when Brendan was trying to tell me what I needed to do with the Vortex plot. At one point I told him he could only use gymnastics references because I was too confused
 me: Hahahaha men are from Mars women are from VenusJulie Cross: She has angst like the rest of us. Don't knock KC
10:34 PM Yes. So true. But with Brendan and me, I'm from the moon and he's  Saturn
  From saturn...this is my first gchat via phone
10:35 PM me: Lol KC is angsty lol I want to see if that's true
 Julie Cross: Typos...lots of them
10:36 PM I suppose she could just be acting know how actors are...
 me: Hahahaha Brendan is from Tatooine and your from Naboo
 me: You think she's faking it? To fit in with teen angst?
10:37 PM Julie Cross: That sounds like island drinks or hipster cocktails
  Yes. She's faking it.
 me: PS your so Mobil and technologically advanced doing g-chat from your phone I'm on mine too...
10:38 PM Hahahahhaha there planets from Starwars good ones
10:39 PM Okay conclusion KC is an angsty faker to sell records
 Julie Cross: I just can't remember Stars Wars...I know I watched them...#1 has watched them a lot (for the sake of privacy, I'm numbering my children in gchats instead of naming them)
10:41 PM me: I like the stealth honestly...well we need to get you on the Starwars train because Disney just bought Lucas Studios and they are making more movies!
10:42 PM Julie Cross: Yes, I'm aware. I've tried to rewatch them. I really have. Honestly, my editor and I have Tempest in common and not much else
  Wait! We both loved LOST and FALLING SKIES
10:45 PM me: Woot woot well I love Tempest too I just watched the pilot to Lost in class it was amazing...did you know they made it because people loved Cast Away so much...I never watched Falling Skies though is it good
10:47 PM Julie Cross: Falling Skies is amazing. My other favorite possible movie Jackson (assuming its not you of course) is in Falling Skies...Drew Roy.
10:48 PM Lost had seasons of brilliance.
 me: You mean Drew Roy could play Jackson? I should see Falling Skies
  I've heard it's good
Do you think Kelly Clarkson is more like Luke or Vader? 

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