Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gettin' Laid at Dairy Queen

**Just some basic set up info, the aforementioned Eve is one of two main characters in the NA novel Mark and I have co-authored called HALFWAY PERFECT. Eve is 18, a former model turned Columbia University student. She moved to NYC at 14 to model as a way to escape her white trash Indiana upbringing.

Mark Perini: Talk on the street is that there are some new songs to add to the playlist?!?
10:14 AM me: yes! I've recently become re-antiquated with my 18 year old self and came up with what I'm calling Eve's Anthem
  hang on though...gotta make another cup of coffee
10:18 AM Mark Perini: Lol could it be? A rebel Julie Cross from the Midwest? I'm on my first cup is that bad?
  I'm still jet lagged
10:19 AM me: I'm making my second cup now. I try to stop at 3
  used to drink it all day long...
  ok so first I have to ask if I've told you the story of how I met my husband Nick?
10:21 AM Mark Perini: I usually have one otherwise I'm way to caffeinated, shaking and generally hyperactive...No I never heard the story in full I just know you met in college

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Elegance

11:12 AM
Where Julie and I talk about Chinese style and fighting crime in the nude...
me: Nǐ hǎo
  How are you?
 Julie Cross: awesome! How are you?
 me: Good I'm in Hong Kong right now
 Julie Cross: What time is it there?
 me: 11:12 PM
11:13 AM Julie Cross: so weird, it's 10:12 AM here
 me: I'm still not used to the time difference
 Julie Cross: really? After all these weeks?
11:14 AM me: Not that I'm jet lagged or anything it's just weird to have everyone I know on a flip flopped schedule
11:15 AM Julie Cross: so you're blaming your American friends and family, huh?
  I don't mind, I like that we can still chat even from across the world. Technology is awesome
 me: Lol of course who else can I blame?
11:16 AM Your right I don't know what I would do without my iPhone...
  Apple I'll be looking for a handout anytime now
 Julie Cross: haha
  okay, tell me about this strip of photos. Did you take these in Hong Kong?
11:18 AM me: Actually I took them in Guangzhou which is where all the catalogs are done
  Totally an industrial city two hours from Hong Kong
11:19 AM Julie Cross: cool! Are you allowed to say what it was for?
11:20 AM me: Not till it's out
 Julie Cross: okay, we'll work around that part.
 me: But I think it's very much Chinese style
  Which I think is awesome
 Julie Cross: The second photo from the top is very Clark Kent
11:21 AM me: So different from other stuff I've done
 Julie Cross: are you wearing tights under that suit?
 me: Zero tights
 Julie Cross: a new look for Superman?
11:22 AM me: Lol fight crime in the nude lol
11:23 AM Julie Cross: I think that could be dangerous...things hanging free and all
11:24 AM Okay, I'll stay on topic from now on
  How many times did you have to change clothes?
11:26 AM me: Lol I don't know that much would get done
  12 times
 Julie Cross: wow, that's a lot
 me: Different options
11:27 AM Julie Cross: I like the bow tie a lot. It's that Chinese style right now?
11:28 AM me: I hope to influence the change to bow ties
11:29 AM Julie Cross: The lighting in the bottom half of the photos is SUPER cool. How did they that?
11:32 AM me: In some they held up a net in others they held up a basket it looks awesome though
11:33 AM Julie Cross: wow, that's creative. I would have never thought of that.
  how long did the whole shoot last?

10 minutes
11:44 AM me: Yeah the photographer was awesome the whole shoot took 4 hours
 Julie Cross: that doesn't seem too bad?
11:45 AM me: No it wasn't I've been at editorials that have lasted 12 hours
  Or days even
11:49 AM Julie Cross: or a week like out CK shoot in Halfway Perfect
 me: Exactly
11:50 AM but this was short and sweet...

What do you guys think about the shoot? Bow Ties yes or no?