Monday, January 21, 2013

I wish we had some ghetto grocers around...

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Julie Cross: #1 and me are both green olive lovers. We put them on eggs too. Everyone else in the house holds their nose when the olive jar opens.
11:31 PM me: That's so funny I love green olives they are my favorite my brother and I used to eat a whole jar in one sitting lol
11:32 PM I usually put American cheese on my eggs though but we had a fancy wine and cheese party lol hahaha so we have left overs....
 Julie Cross: #1 and I ate a whole jar today...
11:33 PM me: I'm jealous your motivating me to grab some olives when I finally decide to go grocery shopping lol
11:34 PM Julie Cross: Have you tried green olives on pizza or omelets?
 me: Yeah I've had them on both and I love them...
11:35 PM Julie Cross: You don't have Aldi in NYC do you? 89 cents a jar there...I get like 10 jars at a time.
 me: Hahahaha no nothing like that hahahah olives are like 5 bucks
11:36 PM I wish...
  And if you get the fancy type it's even more
11:37 PM Julie Cross: Aldi is pretty ghetto but we have a brand new one by our house and I get stuff like snacks for school and bulk items there. Nothing fancy. I do like fancy olives but I'm fine with cheap too
11:38 PM me: Yeah I wish we had some ghetto grocers around...we have bodegas that's about it
What's the most ghetto grocery store you've ever been too?

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