halfway perfect

Halfway Perfect is the spawn child of International Ford Agency model, Mark Perini and Internationally Bestselling Young Adult author of the Tempest trilogy, Julie Cross. But more importantly, Halfway Perfect is the story of 18 year olds, Alex and Eve and how they find not only each other, but also themselves (that’s way more corny than the book, I swear).

Alex is a regular dude from Nebraska who happens to be living and working in NYC full-time as a model. Eve is a not-so-regular-girl with a dark past that involves her own run in the modeling world, a past she’s spent two years trying to forget. An acceptance letter to Columbia University and the opportunity for her dream internship with a well-known photographer brings Eve back to NYC and also smack in the middle of a high fashion photo shoot, except this time she’s behind the camera.

While Eve’s snapping the pictures and avoiding her ex, Alex is pulling off a career-launching performance and maintaining a fake relationship with his 14 year old co-star. Only problem is...Alex is falling for Eve, who is not his fake-girlfriend and Eve is learning, for the first time that maybe love doesn’t have to leave you hurt and broken.
But how long can they really keep up their fake lives for the public and their private affair for themselves before something or someone cracks the surface?