Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i dare you to read: mark reads 50 shades

  me: we should start by explaining the "I Dare You To Read" segment
2:56 PM Mark Perini: Okay so pretty much we are daring one another to read a book that we think is out of the normal scope of the other reader...For me I normally read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thrillers, or Classic Novels usually geared towards males
2:57 PM While Julie...
 me: normally reads ONLY Young Adult fiction. I can literally count on one hand the number of adult books I've read in the past 5 years.
2:58 PM When we hit 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% we chat about the book so far. Assuming we can even make it to those markers because the rule is, we can stop anytime we want to.
2:59 PM Mark Perini: Like that rule!
 me: Today, we're talking about the first 25% of the book I've dared Mark to read...50 Shades of Gray
 Mark Perini: DUN DUN DUN...
3:00 PM me: Is it Grey or Gray?
 Mark Perini: Grey
  Have you read this book?
  I forgot to ask
 me: Yes, I have.
3:01 PM Mark Perini: Okay let me just get my notes...
 me: you have notes? Lol
 Mark Perini: I kept notes just trying to be organized
  I didn't want to rant I wanted to have an argument...
 me: well you are the good student in this co-authorship
3:02 PM Mark Perini: lol trying I'm like Anastasia it's my first time...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

But not sex appeal?

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In which we discuss whether or not Annasophia Robb has enough sex appeal to play Holly?
10:50 PM Julie Cross: I think Drew Roy's character in that show is very Jackson. But he's probably too old. I think he's older than you...?
 me: Idk it's always hard to tell with actors makeup does wonders...
 Julie Cross: I just keep thinking if its 3 movies they need some kid who's 18 or 19, right?
10:51 PM me: You would be surprised at how old actors are that play high school kid   It matters how you look truly

Monday, January 28, 2013

lamenting my inept knowledge of latin roots


 In which I prove my inability to find synonyms and analogies and then whine to Mark about it when we're supposed to be writing...   me: did you take the SATs?

Mark Perini: yup
 the old ones though
5:07 PM me: so out of 1600?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

everybody has a six pack

by Let Ideas Compete on Flickr Some rights reserved
In which Mark and I engage in deep discussion about seeing what's really under the surface, in my case the surface is a layer of fat.

 me: So you have a six pack, right? Like six pack abs...
11:11 AM Mark Perini: hahahahahahah
11:12 AM me: I also have a six pack, btw...but mine has other stuff on top of it

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Starwars: men are from Mars women are from Venus

 All rights reserved by MonkeyDudeSF

Where we discuss if Kelly Clarkson practices the Darkside of the force....

10:20 PM Julie Cross: Got your email
  I'm not editing book 3, I'm drafting it. Its giving me anxiety and possibly minor hair loss. Someone just hung themselves...or is it hanged? And there's maelstroms in Norway
10:23 PM And I'm really excited you're liking Vortex so far!
10:27 PM me: Lol that's really serious...I didn't realize the books get so dark...I'm right in the beginning of Vortex and I love it
10:28 PM I love spy stuff so I'm in heaven
10:29 PM Julie Cross: Vortex gets really dark...Brendan says its my Empire Strikes Back book...attack on Hoth and all that
10:30 PM me: Lol well everyone needs to have their Darkside exposed from time to time can't be angelic all the time
10:31 PM Lol I love empire strikes back...really I loved all the Starwars movies
 Julie Cross: I'm singing Kelly Clarkson now..."everybody's got a dark side..."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

brunch hangovers

In which I fess up about my high calorie brunch the other day...

11:28 AM me: I really am going to run. ate way toooo much this weekend.
11:29 AM Mark Perini: lol
  yeah I need to run as well
  I went to medieval times
11:33 AM me: I'll email you a picture of my brunch yesterday.
 Mark Perini: was it amazing?

Monday, January 21, 2013

I wish we had some ghetto grocers around...

 © Copyright Betty Longbottom 

Julie Cross: #1 and me are both green olive lovers. We put them on eggs too. Everyone else in the house holds their nose when the olive jar opens.
11:31 PM me: That's so funny I love green olives they are my favorite my brother and I used to eat a whole jar in one sitting lol

Thursday, January 17, 2013

 In which Julie and I talk about all the craziness 
that goes into dating and even developing a psychopath checklist... 

1:01 PM me: Hey Julie
1:05 PM Julie Cross: Hey! So, I have dating related questions to ask you today
1:06 PM me: Is this in relation to Alex and Eve dating?
1:07 PM Julie Cross: yeah, I just get really stumped when it comes to dating for people that aren't in school together

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vortex Review

As you guys know my name is Mark Perini I am the model that plays Jackson on the cover of Vortex.  Julie asked me to do a review of Vortex on the day of it's released and I was so happy to oblige her request because that meant I was going to get an ARC copy of Vortex.

Monday, January 14, 2013

the other B word...

In which my lack of maturity and inability to use the other "b" word becomes apparent to my co-author.

11:15 AM me: if Alex is prancing around this photoshoot in skimpy underwear, doesn't he have to worry know...certain things happening?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

attack of the disposable razors


 In which modeling suddenly becomes a dangerous lawsuit waiting to happen...

 me: I like your photo shoot scene, but what exactly are banana hammocks because Alex is really not happy about the possibility of wearing them...I don't have a visual

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

life's about finding happiness

Conversation where I ask Julie how she actually finds time to be an awesome writer and an awesome mom? 

1:03 PM 
 Julie Cross: I like the opportunity to make my writing success seem less saint-like because when I first started answering questions I was really vague in answering the time management stuff
  and honestly, there are days and weeks that I'm not 100% proud of. where I messed up and missed something important with my kids or my husband.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

foursomes in time square


In which Mark and I discuss awesomely provocative Calvin Klein billboards and what it's really like to be featured on one of those...

Monday, January 7, 2013

burning questions in church

 Some rights reserved by Mary and her camera
A holy conversation where I inquire about the midwestern vernacular of Mrs. Julie Cross...

10:58 AM me: So I'm gchatting from church right now from the pews...
  But I have a burning question that can't wait...
10:59 AM Julie Cross: burning questions in church? this should be good...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mrs. Smith err...Cross

Mrs. Smith err...Cross...

12:41 PM me: So is it a weird dynamic writing about this whole time traveling world and fashion world then at 3 PM dealing with Homework and Cooking and all the motherly kind of have a double life...hahahaha Like a spy!
12:42 PM Like Mr & and Mrs. Smith
12:43 PM Julie Cross: how do you know that I'm not a spy...?
12:44 PM but yeah, it's tricky sometimes. And the first 18 months of having a book deal I still worked a full time job
12:45 PM me: Lol truly I don't know. You write the CIA pretty thoroughly in your books!
12:46 PM Yeah that's exactly what I mean. That must have been insane. How did you manage? Did something take a back seat?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

inside the model man-cave

Bunk Beds at the Trianon by jabberwocky381

In which I ask Mark to gchat about agency apartments and where exactly our main guy, Alex, should live...and no, we don't edit these. What fun would that be?

1:25 PM 
Mark Perini: A lot of new models or newish models live at the agency apartments because they take the rent out of your future money they don't take it out every month so you can go a few months without working and they wont take it out till you work. Most new models don't have money a lot choose to do it this way.
1:26 PM me: Our main character isn't like a superstar yet so he'll have roommates, right?
1:27 PM Mark Perini: yeah absolutely. He may have his own room but he will have roommates. The agencies only have so many apartments available.
1:28 PM me: How many roommates?
1:29 PM Mark Perini: I mean during fashion week there can be upwards of 8 staying there but I suppose we can have Alex have his own room and have two other roommates and
  maybe they share?
 me: Should we have them sleep in bunk beds, like in Zoolander?