Tuesday, January 8, 2013

foursomes in time square


In which Mark and I discuss awesomely provocative Calvin Klein billboards and what it's really like to be featured on one of those...

10:17 AM me: I've been thinking about the week long photo shoot that our main characters, Alex, Eve and Elana are doing...you're the expert, what designer should they be working for? Or is it a label? client?
10:21 AM Mark Perini: Well it has to be a big designer that will have a big budget for a week long shoot so anyone small we can cut out...I also think it should be someone provocative because that lends itself to us being able to extract more drama from the situation...so I would say someone like Calvin Kline, Mark Jacobs, Guess...all big time all have provocative ads...
10:23 AM As far as what we call them...it depends on the person. Alex would call them the client so would Wes and Eve...the GP would call them the designer or the label
 me: Calvin Klein, huh? I was so hoping you would suggest that.
10:24 AM and Wes...I hate Wes. That asshole.
 Mark Perini: yeah I think they are super provocative and everyone knows them
  Wes is THE WORST most manipulative character ever crafted
10:25 AM me: but we need him, unfortunately.
  I just found this article...it's old but omg check this out
10:26 AM Foursomes on billboards in Time Square! exactly what we need for our book...okay, it's SOHO, but Time Square sounded bigger
10:28 AM Mark Perini: Yeah those ads are intense. Your agent tells you your doing CK and your pumped because you getting paid but your also contemplating how naked your going to be in front of the 8 million NYC residents...
10:29 AM me: That's why it's so perfect! I always try to put my characters in the most awkward situations possible...since Alex is all weird about Elana being 14 and she's his co-star for this job...totally works.

Yeah, so the whole being a high fashion model is suddenly sounding a bit less glamorous to me now. I imagine booking a job like the "foursome" models booked and then having that ad displayed for all of the city to see (and it's a damn big city) feels a lot like when my mom and my grandmother were reading Tempest and reading the s-e-x parts and the f-bombs...there was a lot of squirming on my end though everyone has been very supportive of my author career.

what do you guys think? Would you do the foursome in Time Square (ok, it's SOHO!) for the right price?


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