Wednesday, January 2, 2013

inside the model man-cave

Bunk Beds at the Trianon by jabberwocky381

In which I ask Mark to gchat about agency apartments and where exactly our main guy, Alex, should live...and no, we don't edit these. What fun would that be?

1:25 PM 
Mark Perini: A lot of new models or newish models live at the agency apartments because they take the rent out of your future money they don't take it out every month so you can go a few months without working and they wont take it out till you work. Most new models don't have money a lot choose to do it this way.
1:26 PM me: Our main character isn't like a superstar yet so he'll have roommates, right?
1:27 PM Mark Perini: yeah absolutely. He may have his own room but he will have roommates. The agencies only have so many apartments available.
1:28 PM me: How many roommates?
1:29 PM Mark Perini: I mean during fashion week there can be upwards of 8 staying there but I suppose we can have Alex have his own room and have two other roommates and
  maybe they share?
 me: Should we have them sleep in bunk beds, like in Zoolander?
1:30 PM Mark Perini: lol absolutely. That's how it really is in some of these apartments
  no joke...I've seen one bedroom apartments with 3 bunkbeds in them
1:31 PM me: So it's like a model man-cave?
  or is it girls and guys sharing?
1:32 PM Mark Perini: no, it's always sex separated.
  Model man cave is right on and the nest is made out of clothes lol
1:34 PM me: ok, I need to know two very important things before I'm able to finish the roommate chapter
  1) what's in the bathroom cabinet of this model man-cave?
1:36 PM Mark Perini: okay I would say hair products, lotion, condoms, advil, supplements, vitamins in crazy languages left from previous models
1:37 PM me: what about extra razors to shave all that leg hair for underwear ads?
1:38 PM Mark Perini: lol absolutely vital
  but maybe not leg hair dudes don't really shave all their leg hair
  "body hair" I would say to be PC
1:39 PM me: I'm looking at underwear pictures right now...for research, not for fun...and there's no leg hair. Do they photoshop it out?
1:40 PM Mark Perini: lol I've heard that excuse before...maybe some products do, some don't. it all depends
1:42 PM me: okay...forgot I had a second part to my earlier questions 2) what's in the model man-cave fridge?
1:44 PM Mark Perini: I would say it's mostly bare-bones because most dudes aren't doing much cooking...maybe some random condiments and some ghetto beer like PBR but the box is already torn into. Maybe some really old takeout that no one wants to get into or knows exactly where it came from
1:48 PM And there is always the issue of your roommates eating other roommates food...
1:49 PM So no one want's to keep the fridge stocked up...
1:51 PM me: PBR is not ghetto beer! We drink it all the time in Central Illinois
1:52 PM and just to be fair, you're welcome to ask me to list the contents of my fridge anytime.
1:53 PM the bathroom cabinet, however is a bit personal.
1:58 PM Mark Perini: 1. I hate to rain on your parade...But PBR is definitely ghetto hipster beer...
2. I bet your refrigerator is a "model" (and I did not intend for that pun) refrigerator compared to my fridge and the fridges of any male model ever...
3. Now I'm interested as to what an authors from Illinois' fridge is all about and also what you're hiding away in your bathroom cabinet.
2:00 PM me: I can handle being called ghetto but hipster is where I draw the line
2:01 PM my fridge has kid food, Danimals and string cheese and juice boxes
2:04 PM Mark Perini: I'm not calling you Ghetto just the beer lol...and if you partook in PBR back in the day you're the sort of person that influenced the hipsters of today ...
  I loved string cheese as a kid that was one of my favorites...
2:05 PM me: It's my goal in life to create the next hipster trend. Item #5624 on my bucket list, complete.
2:06 PM the string cheese is actually for me.
 Mark Perini: that's a long bucket list....
2:07 PM I'm going to go buy some string cheese after this...
2:08 PM me: Okay, getting back to the how the hell is Alex supposed to bring that girl back to his place from the party if he's sleeping on a bunk bed in a room with 8 other dudes?

What do you think? Already a bestseller in the making? 



  1. I'm SO excited to read this book. And I love reading your gchats, too! This is gonna be awesome. I just know it. :D

    1. thanks, Sara! We have many more crazy gchats coming in the near future. Right now the blogging schedule is Mon-thurs and posts go up in the morning.

  2. Thank you Sara we are extremely excited and be prepared for some crazy chats in the future!

  3. That is extremely fascinating! I had no idea how models had to live. Kind of frat housey, lol. I am also wondering if the college frat house rules would apply in this situation. Do the guys take turns having the room to themselves? Put a sock on the knob? Interesting...This book is gonna be a hit! I can't wait to read the story!

    1. I will let Mark handle the question regarding socks on I so can't wait to hear this answer.

    2. It's very fratty...I would say its much more in line with a frat than any kind of glamorous housing that you would think of when you think of models...

      I only lived in model housing one time and at the time I was sharing a room so there was always this policy of enter at your own risk...I think the general outlook was a bit like the Wild West if that makes sense?

  4. Hysterical! I love your gchats. Also 8 people in an apartment?!?! How many bathrooms??? But thar's only for a week?

    1. I think we should all donate air freshners to the model apartments of america foundation. Mark, which Yankee candle scent do you think would be prefered in the model man-cave?

  5. When it's fashion week I've seen 8 people one bathroom it's not so week isn't just a week it's more like a week and a half and there are a week or two of castings before so it's not such a short time...I think we should start a Save the Models Fund and donate air freshiners to models in need....I'm a fan of forest that a scent? Pine and Mahogany?

  6. I laughed too hard *knee slaps* Oh my God --*doubles over again* I smell #1 NTY Bestseller

    1. Monica, If you like this post then you're going to love one we have coming up titled "the other B word." Talk about an awkward conversation...

    2. I'm excited to see everyone's reaction to that one!!

  7. Finally sitting down to catch up on all that I've missed. I just laughed for a solid 5 minutes...about the PBR comments alone.
    I do have a suggestion about Alex bringing a girl back to the model man cave but I might better keep that to myself...... ;)