Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mrs. Smith err...Cross

Mrs. Smith err...Cross...

12:41 PM me: So is it a weird dynamic writing about this whole time traveling world and fashion world then at 3 PM dealing with Homework and Cooking and all the motherly kind of have a double life...hahahaha Like a spy!
12:42 PM Like Mr & and Mrs. Smith
12:43 PM Julie Cross: how do you know that I'm not a spy...?
12:44 PM but yeah, it's tricky sometimes. And the first 18 months of having a book deal I still worked a full time job
12:45 PM me: Lol truly I don't know. You write the CIA pretty thoroughly in your books!
12:46 PM Yeah that's exactly what I mean. That must have been insane. How did you manage? Did something take a back seat?
 Julie Cross: Sometimes everything but writing takes a backseat and that's not exactly good...
12:47 PM I'm one who becomes so involved in a story I forget that the rest of the world exists
  I think they call that hyper-focusing
 me: Yeah Mom first of course I figured no less
12:48 PM Well that's what makes the stories seem so well flushed out and realistic...when I'm writing I feel like I know these characters. I know what they would say or do as if they were a friend. Do you ever feel like that?
12:49 PM Julie Cross: oh yeah! totally. It comes to life in my head so even when I shut my laptop to make dinner, the scene is still playing out in my head and it's obvious to my kids and husband that I'm not 100% there.
12:50 PM I've learned to balance things better in the past 2 years and to shut the story off when I really need too. But it can be hard sometimes and yes, it makes for great books.
12:52 PM me: yeah I would say makes everything seem real...but that's a tough thing to shut down essentially that's what happened to Heath Ledger. He was so hyperfocused on the Joker he lost himself...the difference here is that you're not focused on you, you're focused on characters...
12:53 PM So you would never lose yourself because you still have your sense of self
 Julie Cross: right and actors portray one character at a time so they get defined by it
12:55 PM me: Exactly when it was announced that Heath was playing the joker Jack Nicolason went up to him and said "Be careful playing the joker" That's pretty deep advice...
 Julie Cross: sure is...damn.
12:56 PM me: so my advice to you is "Avoid the dark side of the force Luke"
If you really were a spy would you be able to lead a double life? 


  1. The entire Joker-incident was scary and hell no. I would let something slip out and c'mon ..I want to be able to brag about me being a spy. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

    1. Maybe if you brag about being a spy no one will actually believe you and then THAT will be your cover.

    2. True!! A real spy wouldn't yell it out for the world to hear.

  2. I would want to be like James Bond. Where all the enemies know that Bond is hunting him/her but they are also intrigued so they play along for a bit. He has free reign then at a certain point he will just fall off the face of the earth in some paradise island and relax for a month away from everyone...That seems like the life to me...EARTH SHATTERING ADVENTURE AND EXCITEMENT THEN utter relaxation...

    1. But what if while on vacation your enemy finds you? You're completely vulnerable!

    2. That's true in suppose a spy always has to sleep with one eye open...