Thursday, January 10, 2013

attack of the disposable razors


 In which modeling suddenly becomes a dangerous lawsuit waiting to happen...

 me: I like your photo shoot scene, but what exactly are banana hammocks because Alex is really not happy about the possibility of wearing them...I don't have a visual
11:04 AM never mind. I just did a google image search...ew
11:05 AM Mark Perini: Hahahhaha
  Essentially its a man thong
 me: like I said, ew.
  what kind of waxing/preparation is needed for an underwear shoot? especially CK...
11:07 AM Mark Perini: So Alex isn't going to be pumped to if I can put it in a PC way "Hang his banana"...
me: Ha!! "hang his banana" that's hilarious. So...back to the prep...Waxing? Shaving?
11:08 AM Mark Perini: Well I've been at jobs where they have had all the dudes shave everything. They just give us  some shaving cream and a disposable razor and say go to town...some of us come out of the bathroom bloodied and pissed...
11:09 AM Luckily I was 17 and didn't suffer from excessive body hair syndrome
11:10 AM me: Does workman's comp cover the injuries via disposable razor? this sounds in-humane
11:11 AM Mark Perini: Lol we don't get workman's comp because we are essentially paid contractors for the agency...
11:12 AM But if we were they would have been eligible for sure!
11:13 AM me: Is there a union you can join? I'm seriously concerned for you safety...though waxing all your body hair would be a lot worse...  Sometimes, I have no idea how we go off on these tangents but it sure is informative. Should we start a petition to outlaw disposable razors at photo shoots?  Later,JC


  1. Hahaha yikes. That's sorta terrifying. My friend's disposable razor fell apart, and she lost part of it on the carpet.... Maybe we should outlaw disposable razors in general! :P