Monday, November 12, 2012

January 2, 2013 is official launch day

So, as you can see from the title, this blog is under construction but we will be unveiling it's awesomeness right after New Years. In the mean time, feel free to roam around a bit and read our bios and the about page by clicking the tabs above and see how exactly you'll get to follow along with us as we continue our journey to co-authoring a Young Adult novel.

And since you're so excited you came to check out our blog weeks before it's even ready, we'll give you a tiny hint of what mark and julie gchat is really like in the snippet below.

thanks and come back soon!

JC and MP

Mark Perini: So I'm gchatting from church right now from the pews...
Julie Cross signed in.
Mark Perini: But I have a burning question now that can't wait...
Julie Cross: burning questions in church? this should be good...
Mark Perini: What is a stocking cap? And why would Alex be wearing one?
Julie Cross: you don't know what a stocking cap is?
Mark Perini: Absolutely not is it something you wear during a heist?
Julie Cross: that would be panty hose...not that i'm an expert or anything...
Mark Perini: Is this a midwestern vinacular that I'm not party to?