Julie Cross is the internationally bestselling author of Tempest, the first novel in a thrilling time travel trilogy. Tempest received starred reviews, was nominated for the 2012 YALSA Teens Top Ten list, 2012 YALSA Readers’ Choice Award, the 2012 RT Book Of The Year Award. Tempest is available in nineteen territories, and has been optioned by Summit Entertainment. The sequel, Vortex released in January, 2013. 

Julie lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children. She didn’t begin writing until May of 2009, but since then, hasn’t gone a day without writing. Before deciding to write full time, Julie worked as a YMCA gymnastics coach and Program Director. 

On a typical day she can be seen jogging in her neighborhood, driving her stylish family vehicle (complete with month old french fries pressed into the seats) to one of several grocery stores in town, along with dance studios, gymnastics lessons, and carpool lanes at local public schools. You might even catch her in various waiting rooms and parent viewing areas sporting a laptop and a chapter that just has to be written. 

Julie’s knowledge of the modeling and fashion world comes from viewings of the movies, The Devil Wears Prada, and Zoolander, and her unwavering devotion to the first three seasons of Ugly Betty. On a recent trip to NYC, she also took the time to walk past both the Gucci and Prada stores spending at least 15 seconds viewing items through the windows.

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