Monday, January 7, 2013

burning questions in church

 Some rights reserved by Mary and her camera
A holy conversation where I inquire about the midwestern vernacular of Mrs. Julie Cross...

10:58 AM me: So I'm gchatting from church right now from the pews...
  But I have a burning question that can't wait...
10:59 AM Julie Cross: burning questions in church? this should be good...

 me: What is a stocking cap? And why would Alex be wearing one?
 Julie Cross: you don't know what a stocking cap is?
11:00 AM me: Is it something you wear during a heist?
 Julie Cross: that would be panty hose...not that i'm an expert or anything...
11:02 AM me: Is this a midwestern vernacular that I'm not party to?
 Julie Cross: apparently so...although I bought a stocking cap in NYC last January, but maybe they didn't call it that?
11:03 AM what do you call the hats that you wear in the winter and sometimes they have a sports team logo or something?
 me: So we are talking about a beanie or a wool cap
11:05 AM Julie Cross: a beanie is the hat that looks like Yamaka but has a spinny thing on top
  I guess wool cap could work
 me: Hahahaha I didn't know that those hats with the spinny things had a name lol...I would just call them clown caps
11:06 AM Julie Cross: A stocking cap is something Grandma knits for you...people don't knit in NYC?
11:07 AM although the last one I bought was probably knitted by children in China...
11:09 AM me: Lol I'm sure people do knit in NYC but I don't know any of them...I think mine are probably knitted in sweatshops as well as terrible as that affirmation is...
11:10 AM Julie Cross: now I'm depressed and I'm not even the one in church. so, thanks. Think I'll go back to writing now.
11:12 AM me: Sorry about that, this chat got dark quick and that has nothing to do with the fact that the church doesn't have power and is only lit by candle light...



What about you guys what's the name of the hat you guys wear in the winter months? 



  1. Hysterical chat! A stocking cap is something I just knitted for my son -- it looks like this:

    At least, that's what I'd call a stocking hat. Love these chats! Thanks for making me laugh!

    1. So a cone shape is required then? I hadn't really pictured Alex in a cone shaped hat...

    2. Links Cap from Zelda is a stocking cap? Who knew?