Monday, August 26, 2013

Fashion Tutorial (1) - Wrap it up before sex?


Talk about eye catching advertising...Huh?

9:44 PM
it looks very...happy.
9:44 PM
I would say maybe even satisfying?

9:44 PM
so satisfying she didn't even have time to take her shoes off first
9:45 PM
I think the whole thing is perfect and so smart...My title for it would be "Let Marc Jacobs Satisfy all your needs" 

9:46 PM
oh're not in that bag, are you? Can you even breathe in there? And is Mary Poppins joining you for tea?
9:49 PM

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

big Big BIG News!

Mark and I are super excited to announce the sale of our co-authored novel, HALFWAY PERFECT! If you guys are just discovering this blog for the first time, Mark Perini is the model who portrays main character and teen time traveling extraordinaire, Jackson Meyer, on the covers of my YA sci-fi trilogy, the Tempest series. He also happens to be a full time model living in NYC and a writer (obviously). We first began writing HALFWAY PERFECT in April of 2012 after becoming facebook friends and discovering that our very different lives made for an interesting working relationship/friendship and for some pretty hilarious gchats (hence the blog title). So why not write a book together? Or better yet, two books...

Before I get on to the big official sounding announcement, just want to add a special things to our agent, Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency) for believing in the story and in our author story. She put in hours and hours not only on preparing the project (which also included countless hours on the phone), but also dealing with negotiations and contracts and all the legal stuff, always having our best career and personal interests in mind.

And a special thanks to Leah Hultenschmidt and the Sorcebooks team for their belief in the project and for producing amazing YA/NA authors like Miranda Kenneally and Geoff Herbach who's books have a similar raw honesty and beautiful coming-of-age themes that Mark and I tried so hard to hit upon with HALFWAY PERFECT. Because of those authors, I knew Sourcebooks would know exactly what to do with Eve and Alex's story in HALFWAY PERFECT.

Also, though I'm often more silly than sentimental when it comes to all my online Mark Perini mentions and interactions, I just wanted to say a special thanks to my co-author. It's been so much fun creating this story, but also a lot of fun becoming friends. Our relationship has evolved from acquaintances to almost sibling-like except the grown up kind of siblings who don't fight and squabble as much. Working with Mark is always very relaxed and easy and I never feel like I have to be anyone but myself.

*As a side note ( cause I can't just NOT mention it), I released a new book a couple days ago, a mature YA contemporary/NA crossover set in the world of elite gymnastics and today it's on sale for only $2.99 (ebook form)!

Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross

Writing Halfway Perfect with Julie has been such an amazing experience. Julie has been the motivating force behind me going from a writer to a published author. Without her, none of this would be possible and I'm so glad that we're friends, writing partners and that I got to be Jackson. Sorry if I embarrassed you, Julie, but it's all true!  I just want to say that I'm extremely excited for the announcement of Halfway Perfect. Not only because this is my first published novel, but I'm equally excited for everyone to read our book and have a positive takeaway. For me, writing is all about creating a world where the reader can get lost in and I look forward to you all getting lost in Halfway Perfect.

Drum roll.....