Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Insider view of the Intricate Process of Author Collaborations (Halfway Perfect Edition)

Happy Release Day Halfway Perfect

Everyone has been asking, how does co-writing work? What is the process like? Well the science behind it is so complex, we can't reveal it's brilliance in one blog post. But today, we're going to give you a secret inside tidbit of our co-author experience that hopefully will show the importance of communication during idea sharing and the professionalism required to create a project like Halfway Perfect. Below you'll find a list of email subject headings from me to Mark or the other way around, all from crucial moments in this publication journey.

Email Subject Lines

  1. 4/27/15 - I’ll check yours if you check mine
  2. 10/21/14 - This dude kinda Looks like you? Maybe a little
  3. 8/23/14 - Help!
  4. 6/27/14 - The post shower conversation
  5. 6/24/14 - makeup? make-up? make up?
  6. 6/18/14 - going much faster now
  7. 6/17/14 - Justin Beiber
  8. 2/28/14 - Nevermind
  9. 2/20/14 - I deviated
  10. 1/29/14 - I think we dodged a bullet
  11. 11/19/13 - I’m losing my mind a bit…
  12. 10/9/13 - Sorry I’m being such a pain in the ass
  13. 6/16/13 - Snooze
  14. 4/23/13 - Needs Spanish scene
  15. 4/12/13 - my facial symmetry
  16. 2/4/13 - okay I changed my mind
  17. 1/23/13 - My Salad
  18. 1/5/13 - My thumb
  19. 12/31/12 - Rocket Barbie
  20. 9/11/12 - Fruity cheerleader drink
  21. 8/22/12 - Underwear scene looks great
  22. 7/28/12 - Calvin Klein...Dead or Alive??
  23. 7/23/12 - I’m having one of those moments

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A Halfway Perfect Giveaway



1) Co-author, Mark Perini, was the model who portrayed the main character on Julie Cross’ 

Tempest series books. He’s also been on many other YA covers 


2) In the book, main character, Alex books a big job modeling for Calvin Klein. CK is one of 

the few big designers/labels Mark hasn’t worked with (yet). Both authors are big CK fans

3) co-author, Julie Cross, started out writing Eve’s chapters, and Mark writing Alex’s, but plot 

elements and scenes required occasional swapping

4) Mark wrote parts of Halfway Perfect while in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week

5) Julie has never met a model in real life, not even Mark.

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