Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Specific Genetic Formula for Models!?!

A chat in which Julie and I talk about the specific genetic formula for models!?!

8:36 PM Julie Cross: okay, so everyone always says models have to be tall but obviously there's models of all kinds so can you explain the whole height thing? Like runway versus...not runway...whatever that's called
8:37 PM maybe start with dudes and then we'll talk girls...hehe...girl talk
8:39 PM me: Lol okay so for fashion agencies men have to be at least 6 feet tall but the go up to 6'3" but agencies won't even look at someone that's not 6'...Having said that I've seen some guy models that are 5'11"...
  Runway models who are guys are usually 6'2"
  Or taller
8:40 PM Some 6'-6'1"
  But mostly fall into the 6'2" range
8:41 PM Julie Cross: so like people sitting in the audience during a runway show are really going to notice if a guy is two inches shorter than another guy?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist part 3

11:31 AM Julie Cross: Awesome! Halfway Perfect Playlist part 3...let's add two songs each today?
11:33 AM me: I'm on board
11:34 AM Julie Cross: Okay, I'll start this one but just a's Kelly Clarkson
 me: Ouch there goes our macho playlist
11:36 AM Julie Cross: I's gonna get even worse. So I'm adding Darkside by Kelly Clarkson. It's just so Eve. Not much else to say then that.
11:37 AM me: Okay keeping it a little mysterious I like it...
11:39 AM For me my next pick is Mae Embers and Envelopes it's about getting over your pride and making love work no matter what Alex and Eve are gonna be faced with a lot of drama and if they want to succeed they need to be ready to change for the better
11:41 AM Julie Cross: And to think....we questioned whether we were really writing a love story or a while back...remember that?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist: Part 2

me: Halfway Perfect Playlist part 2?
 Mark Perini: I'm in

6 minutes
6:43 PM Mark Perini: My next pick is Mae Just Let Go its all about falling in love and how confusing it can be and how you can be with with then but your mind can be somewhere far away

6 minutes
6:49 PM me: That's really good...I love it.
6:50 PM Mark Perini: Plus Mae is a killer band in general
 me: thinking about my next pick...okay, I'm choosing Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute because it's so perfect for the scene with Alex and Eve's first kiss. I actually envisioned it playing it that scene

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stage Fright?

Where Julie and I talk about stress induced narcolepsy...

12:14 PM How has everything been with all the Vortex release craziness? You been stressed?
12:15 PM Julie Cross: It has gotten a bit crazy all of a sudden and a little stressful but in a good way
12:16 PM me: Yeah a lot going on I'm you ever get nervous on the interviews or when your speaking?
12:17 PM Julie Cross: I always get very very nervous. To the point of anxiety.
12:18 PM You do stage performing too, what do you feel right before it starts?
12:20 PM me: Yeah I've been doing Improv for a year and before that I never preformed before I love it...Sometimes I get butterfly's in my stomach right before but I never really get nervous I'm always excited...
  But even as a kid I was always fine public speaking
12:23 PM Julie Cross: I had an event on Saturday...a one hour solo presentation in front of about 100 people and I noticed something that happens to be right before these types of events, like minutes before, I get really drowsy. Like I might fall asleep at any moment

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In which Julie and I talk about the green eyed monster of jealousy...

1:51 PM Julie Cross: Since Eve is into Alex, do you think she'll be jealous seeing him all over Elana for the CK shoot and of course during the whole fake relationship? I'm torn with this because part of me thinks she understands but still, understanding and seeing it are very different things...
1:54 PM me: I think jealousy is a tough thing she would probably be jealous seeing it but the question is does she let that manifest itself into something unhealthy...I think no matter how calm you are if you really like someone you are going to be jealous seeing them with another person whether it is for work or not...but you can't let it get to you

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


12:31 PM Julie Cross: okay, so one of our test readers said something on twitter (I just tried to find the tweet and I can't!) but it was along the lines of Mark = Alex, right?
  you know people are going to assume Alex's character is based on you...
12:32 PM me: @Juliecross1980 Is it wrong that I see @MarkTPerini as Alex in Halfway Perfect? Is that what's supposed to happen? Haha!
  That's the tweet right?
12:35 PM Alex is a fictional character that we both made up...but I think there are elements of myself within Alex's character that came out in the writing process...I would stop and think while writing what would I do in this situation and then how would Alex handle it...So there is a bit of mapping I would say...My reactions/intuitions mapped over a character...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Technology Traditionalist?! WHAT?

How to get Real

In which I find out whether Julie is  a technology Traditionalist or not? 

1:00 PM me: I've got a question...seeing that so much of your job is online and accessing the Internet why don't you have one of these amazing phones?
1:02 PM Julie Cross: There's two reasons for this...
  But first I have to say that I'm road-tripping with the family and might have interruptions to this g-chat
1:03 PM And no I'm not driving

9 minutes
1:12 PM Julie Cross: Sorry...I faded out. Anyway, I have this attachment issue with my electronic devices

Monday, February 11, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist: Part 1

Mark Perini: Kk
1:38 PM me: I was thinking about the playlist for Halfway Perfect about I pick a song and explain why I picked and then you do the same and will integrate them into one list? Maybe we'll just pick 3 songs each today?

9 minutes
1:47 PM Mark Perini: Perfect yeah I like this game...

12 minutes
2:00 PM me: okay, what's your first song choice for Alex and Eve's story?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

guess who failed english in high school?

In which my not-so-stellar high school grades are revealed to my co-author...
Mark PeriniNow I am curious what exactly did you mean when you said, a while back, that you were less than studious before college??
10:28 AM me: Okay, evidence is best in these situations...sending you an my high school transcripts for a speech
10:29 AM it doesn't have Freshman year because I went to a different school but that wouldn't have improved things. trust me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

creepy old men appear in all of my novels

 In which we discuss Mark's amazing research trip to Columbia University and why we chose this as part of our setting for Halfway Perfect.
I love your pictures from the Columbia research mission!
9:56 AM Mark Perini: Thank you I had only been there one other time it really is so beautiful there it's like this educational oasis in the city
9:57 AM me: I'm glad we picked Columbia instead of NYU! It seems so Eve.
 Mark Perini: Yeah I think NYC is too spaced out there wouldn't be a set campus so she would always be running around crazy like