Tuesday, January 29, 2013

But not sex appeal?

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In which we discuss whether or not Annasophia Robb has enough sex appeal to play Holly?
10:50 PM Julie Cross: I think Drew Roy's character in that show is very Jackson. But he's probably too old. I think he's older than you...?
 me: Idk it's always hard to tell with actors makeup does wonders...
 Julie Cross: I just keep thinking if its 3 movies they need some kid who's 18 or 19, right?
10:51 PM me: You would be surprised at how old actors are that play high school kid   It matters how you look truly
10:52 PM Julie Cross: He way born in May of 1986...I was 6 years old which means he's too old.
10:53 PM me: He's an old man! Lol a year older then me!
10:54 PM Julie Cross: He's character in Falling Skies is 16...lol
 me: See that's what I mean
10:55 PM Julie Cross:  If you were Jackson in tempest the movie who would you pick to play Holly?
10:59 PM me: Heck Yes I like this...but I don't know a lot of young blonde actresses do you know some?
 Julie Cross: No! You can't ask me. That's cheating.
11:00 PM Maybe I could give you a hint of where to look for ideas...
11:01 PM My sanity is returning, in case you were wondering...I've shut off Tempest 3 after the hanging and now I'm eating chocolate and watching GLEE. Let the healing begin!
11:02 PM Speaking of GLEE...hint

11 minutes
11:14 PM me: Okay okay that's fine...I'm glad your relaxing I'm eating dinner I know it's 11 PM lol just went to the gym...chocolate and Glee sounds like a girls dream! Singing and sweets...are we referring to the blonde cheerleader on Glee? I forget her name?
11:15 PM Julie Cross: Dianna Agron...though they have a new blonde this season. But Dianna's voice is exactly how I always imagined Holly's...just looked her up. She's a few days older than than Drew Roy.
11:17 PM me: See everyone is older than you think...so weird yeah I think she's really cool and she could for sure be cool like Holly...
11:19 PM Julie Cross: Brittney Robertson is another favorite of mine...
 me: What about the blonde girl form Pretty Little Liars my sisters were watching it over the weekend when I was home (That's my story and I'm sticking to it) but I see her looking like Holly
 Julie Cross: There doing Grease on Glee...its awesome.
11:20 PM What are you having for dinner? I'm hungry
11:22 PM Ashley Benson...december 18, 1989. That's much better.
 me: Grease is really cool just not really my thing I don't love musicals in general...I'm having eggs with parmesan cheese (Italian style) and an apple
  She's 23
11:24 PM Julie Cross: I love eggs.
 me: Me too the best
11:25 PM Julie Cross: #1 is my best egg eater and he always wants parmesan cheese on them.
  I make him 3-4 eggs almost every morning. He's skinny.
11:26 PM me: Number one sounds like a cool dude...and so worldly liking them Italian style 
11:38 PM Julie Cross: Back to the Holly question...what do you think of Blake Lively?
 me I think Blake Lively is so beautiful she's like a dream girl for me but I think she looks to old to be Holly...
11:40 PM

      Julie Cross: She is really pretty but still very natural. Exactly like Holly. But yeah, maybe too old
11:43 PM me: Yeah I concur...I think Britt is the closest to what I think of when I think of Holly
  Truly perfect
11:45 PM Julie Cross: Yes but is she hot? You're hypothetically Jackson right now and we want guys to come see this movie so movie Holly has to be someone you would make out with or whatever else they'll be allowed to do within the script...probably PG13?
11:47 PM me: Yeah I think she's pretty but she looks really innocent...I don't know if she has sex appeal
11:48 PM Julie Cross: See? That's what I mean. I can't judge these things. I judge it like a mom...oh she's adorable...not good for those four quadrant sales or whatever.
  Brendan said Scarlett Johanson...I laughed and told him he was old.
 me: Lol yeah innocence is still appealing though
  Yeah Scarlett is too old
11:50 PM Julie Cross: Annasophia Robb aka Soul Surfer girl? Too young? 1993...18 or 19

5 minutes
11:55 PM me: Nah she's in the right age range and she's got the right look as well
11:56 PM Julie Cross: But not sex appeal.
I'm sticking to my vote but who do you think would be best to play Holly?

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