Thursday, January 24, 2013

everybody has a six pack

by Let Ideas Compete on Flickr Some rights reserved
In which Mark and I engage in deep discussion about seeing what's really under the surface, in my case the surface is a layer of fat.

 me: So you have a six pack, right? Like six pack abs...
11:11 AM Mark Perini: hahahahahahah
11:12 AM me: I also have a six pack, btw...but mine has other stuff on top of it
 Mark Perini: lol hahaha
 me: so it's not clearly visible
11:13 AM Mark Perini: yeah that's something a lot of people have they can feel the muscle under but it's not so visable
11:14 AM me: if I turn just the right way in front of the mirror, I can even see shades of an 8 pack...anyway, I'm working on my issue with spacial awareness in writing and grounding the reader to the physical aspect of being inside the character's head...
11:16 AM Mark Perini: lol I think that's better than most people's packs...Do you have a specific example?
 me: I'm just wondering what does it feels like to sit if you have that visible 6 pack, then things don't scrunch up and bulge out?
11:19 AM Mark Perini: hahahah I mean you still have the skin on top of the six pack unless you sit perfectly straight up and down with no forward slumping than your still going to get some scrunching because the skins elastic so if you bend over at all it's gonna scrunch
11:20 AM that's why a lot of times if people are sitting and shirtless they are leaning back or have really straight posture...
 me: If only that worked for all of us....
11:21 AM I'm always aware of that bulge, like I'm throwing my arm across my stomach or something
  it's hard to get inside the head of someone who doesn't feel like that
11:23 AM Mark Perini: yeah I suppose it's different I've had a six pack since middle school...but everyone has body issues if it's not your stomach or you fix that then it will be something else...
  I know plenty of gorgeous models that have body issues just like everyone else...
11:25 AM me: I think I need to go for a run now...
11:26 AM but seriously, we should start a saying..."Everybody has a six pack underneath." It's not what's on the surface that
  literally  So what do you think? Could "Everybody has a six pack" be the next big t-shirt slogan? 


  1. I love reading these little chats you guys have. Always makes me laugh. I like the slogan and keep up the funny chats.

    1. We appreciate it Amy there will be plenty more to come!