Tuesday, January 22, 2013

brunch hangovers

In which I fess up about my high calorie brunch the other day...

11:28 AM me: I really am going to run. ate way toooo much this weekend.
11:29 AM Mark Perini: lol
  yeah I need to run as well
  I went to medieval times
11:33 AM me: I'll email you a picture of my brunch yesterday.
 Mark Perini: was it amazing?
 me:it was amazing. totally worth the 10 mile run today.
11:36 AM Mark Perini: hahahah that food is serious lol love it!
 me: okay. time for running and then tempest 3...
  I have some really great food pictures on twitter.
11:39 AM that's basically all I have on twitter is food pics
 Mark Perini: awesome I'll scope that out
  how have you found Kentucky you like it?
11:40 AM me: we had a great time in KY...we went to the Louisville slugger museum and did the tour....very cool. that's where we had brunch
 Mark Perini: awesome you had a little mini vacation I love that...
  that's a good break you need to do that from time to time
11:42 AM me: we really do. I just need to take advantage of new scenery when traveling and schedule some workouts into the agenda so I don't have to worry about what I eat.
  not that I should anyway...I'm an author. I can be fat if I want. I just can't seem to absorb that
11:43 AM Mark Perini: lol yeah I could never come to terms with that.  I suppose I'm a bit vain
11:44 AM me: then you totally couldn't handle being a woman post 3 c-sections
  vanity isn't really an option, but salvaging something that resembles our previously intact body is possible
11:45 AM Mark Perini: yeah I give you gal's a lot of props
11:46 AM me: I've noticed if I work out, I tend to not get as anxious about my body and my weight.
  even if there's no physical change
 Mark Perini: yeah I think there is something mental to it as well you just feel overall better
 I don't know why I kind of assumed the guy models don't have the same body image issues that girls have...I'm sure the specifics are different, but I the guys and the girls have these issues. Does anyone else read Seventeen? I've recently gotten into it again after a 15 year long fast from it. I'm really loving the Body Peace articles. I wish there had been something like that in Seventeen when I was younger.

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