Wednesday, January 9, 2013

life's about finding happiness

Conversation where I ask Julie how she actually finds time to be an awesome writer and an awesome mom? 

1:03 PM 
 Julie Cross: I like the opportunity to make my writing success seem less saint-like because when I first started answering questions I was really vague in answering the time management stuff
  and honestly, there are days and weeks that I'm not 100% proud of. where I messed up and missed something important with my kids or my husband.
1:04 PM me: Yeah but that's part of this life
  And your benefiting a lot of other people
  But your family also needs you so its really difficult
1:05 PM I struggle with it as well always being away
 Julie Cross: it's much better now that I mostly write and do all that stuff while the kids are at school and after they've gone to bed
1:06 PM but it takes time to find that balance and I went years not being me completely until I started writing.
1:07 PM being a mom at don't really have time to figure out yourself without kids
 me: Yeah see but that's so amazing because you can be great at both
  Yeah absolutely I can't imagine
  I'm 25 and I'm just figuring stuff out
1:08 PM I think I would be a good dad but I'm not ready at all...I have too much more I want to do
1:09 PM Julie Cross: I think it's easy for moms to hide behind their kids and family sometimes...that's great and all but having writing as my thing is only going to help me be a better mom.
  and I think you'll make a great dad someday
1:11 PM me: Yeah I can totally see that...if you're happy and fulfilled everyone in your life will feel's about finding happiness...and you did
  Thank you! That's an awesome complement.
 What makes you truly happiest? 


  1. So I'm just getting caught up reading all these posts... But I love this one! One of my new year's resolutions is to make a journal of all the things that make me happy. Just random stuff. I think my family is what makes me truly happiest... and reading, too. :)

    1. This is a great plan, Sara. And you know what's awesome about having that journal come November/December of 2013 is that you'll be able to write one of those awesome "year in review" letters that people sometimes include in their holiday cards. I think those are so neat, but despite the fact that I'm a writer, I've never been able to figure out what to write.

    2. Yeah! I have a terrible memory, so I literally have to write down everything. I like having a place where I just put down the good stuff so I can read over it when I'm having a really bad day.

  2. I like attainable goals and a happiness journal seems totally attainable. In my experience you have to find a goal that is a bit of a stretch for you but at the same time it's totally possible...I like Julie's idea as well in 2014 you can look back and say well next year I need to do more of A, B and C because that made me happiest...

    1. Exactly. My goal this year really just to focus on the happy stuff, and I'll definitely be able to use this journal to improve next year, too. :)