Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Specific Genetic Formula for Models!?!

A chat in which Julie and I talk about the specific genetic formula for models!?!

8:36 PM Julie Cross: okay, so everyone always says models have to be tall but obviously there's models of all kinds so can you explain the whole height thing? Like runway versus...not runway...whatever that's called
8:37 PM maybe start with dudes and then we'll talk girls...hehe...girl talk
8:39 PM me: Lol okay so for fashion agencies men have to be at least 6 feet tall but the go up to 6'3" but agencies won't even look at someone that's not 6'...Having said that I've seen some guy models that are 5'11"...
  Runway models who are guys are usually 6'2"
  Or taller
8:40 PM Some 6'-6'1"
  But mostly fall into the 6'2" range
8:41 PM Julie Cross: so like people sitting in the audience during a runway show are really going to notice if a guy is two inches shorter than another guy?
8:43 PM me: They would because at the end of the show all the guys go out together and if they are taller they have more presence but the real reason is the clothes are made to certain specifics its called sample size so they only use models that fit
  So 34' inseam usually fits guys that are 6'2"
8:44 PM Which is the sample sizes
 Julie Cross: okay then. it's good that we made Alex 6' 2" because I'd hate for him to get booted out of fashion week. tall are you?
8:45 PM or is that a secret?
 me: I'm six foot not a secret lol
  I still do runway because I have long legs
8:46 PM Julie Cross: so really I just needed to know that you're a 34" inseam. good to know. If I see some pants on sale in that size I can pick you up a pair
 me: But I do more photo shoots than runway shows because there's more money in that
  Hahahaha I appreciate that
8:47 PM Julie Cross: more money is good.
 me: When you've been modeling so long you learn your measurements
8:48 PM Now we can talk about girls
  They have to be 5'9" to 5'11" to be able to get a fashion agency
8:49 PM But I know plenty of girl models that are 5'8"
  Just wear large heels
  The runway girls are mostly 5'10"-6'
8:50 PM Julie Cross: Which is why you decided Elana and Eve would be 5' 11" I would have totally screwed that up
8:51 PM oops, typing malfunction. I reached for the remote and leaned on the keys
 me: Yeah most girl models are really tall so it totally makes sense...
  Lol no worries it happens to the best of us
8:52 PM So there is a very specific genetic formula for models
 Julie Cross: I do not have that formula. I'm 5' 4" and one of the tallest in my family
8:53 PM me: Lol it's again just because of the sample sizes
 Julie Cross: we also have Jo-Lo butts so that would be another strike against us
 me: Yeah models are really skinny
  Girls are usually 00-0
  Maybe a 2

8 minutes
9:02 PM Julie Cross: wow...that's a bit depressing. But I'm actually really happy with my height. My sister is only 5' 1" so I got lucky
9:03 PM me: Yeah I think 5'4" is normal I think 5'11" for a girl is abnormal
9:04 PM Julie Cross: true
Have you guys ever met/known a model in real life? 


  1. I don't think I've met a model before, but I've been told I could be one. I'm about 5'11" and I have pretty long legs. But I don't think I could handle the modeling world. Too much tough criticism for me...

    1. It's a tough world but if you have a passion for it you should try it!