Monday, April 1, 2013

The Elegance

11:12 AM
Where Julie and I talk about Chinese style and fighting crime in the nude...
me: Nǐ hǎo
  How are you?
 Julie Cross: awesome! How are you?
 me: Good I'm in Hong Kong right now
 Julie Cross: What time is it there?
 me: 11:12 PM
11:13 AM Julie Cross: so weird, it's 10:12 AM here
 me: I'm still not used to the time difference
 Julie Cross: really? After all these weeks?
11:14 AM me: Not that I'm jet lagged or anything it's just weird to have everyone I know on a flip flopped schedule
11:15 AM Julie Cross: so you're blaming your American friends and family, huh?
  I don't mind, I like that we can still chat even from across the world. Technology is awesome
 me: Lol of course who else can I blame?
11:16 AM Your right I don't know what I would do without my iPhone...
  Apple I'll be looking for a handout anytime now
 Julie Cross: haha
  okay, tell me about this strip of photos. Did you take these in Hong Kong?
11:18 AM me: Actually I took them in Guangzhou which is where all the catalogs are done
  Totally an industrial city two hours from Hong Kong
11:19 AM Julie Cross: cool! Are you allowed to say what it was for?
11:20 AM me: Not till it's out
 Julie Cross: okay, we'll work around that part.
 me: But I think it's very much Chinese style
  Which I think is awesome
 Julie Cross: The second photo from the top is very Clark Kent
11:21 AM me: So different from other stuff I've done
 Julie Cross: are you wearing tights under that suit?
 me: Zero tights
 Julie Cross: a new look for Superman?
11:22 AM me: Lol fight crime in the nude lol
11:23 AM Julie Cross: I think that could be dangerous...things hanging free and all
11:24 AM Okay, I'll stay on topic from now on
  How many times did you have to change clothes?
11:26 AM me: Lol I don't know that much would get done
  12 times
 Julie Cross: wow, that's a lot
 me: Different options
11:27 AM Julie Cross: I like the bow tie a lot. It's that Chinese style right now?
11:28 AM me: I hope to influence the change to bow ties
11:29 AM Julie Cross: The lighting in the bottom half of the photos is SUPER cool. How did they that?
11:32 AM me: In some they held up a net in others they held up a basket it looks awesome though
11:33 AM Julie Cross: wow, that's creative. I would have never thought of that.
  how long did the whole shoot last?

10 minutes
11:44 AM me: Yeah the photographer was awesome the whole shoot took 4 hours
 Julie Cross: that doesn't seem too bad?
11:45 AM me: No it wasn't I've been at editorials that have lasted 12 hours
  Or days even
11:49 AM Julie Cross: or a week like out CK shoot in Halfway Perfect
 me: Exactly
11:50 AM but this was short and sweet...

What do you guys think about the shoot? Bow Ties yes or no? 


  1. Yey, thank you for the post, Mark and Julie! I love the photos from this shoot. And of course, YES TO BOWTIES!

  2. Real men wear bow ties. Why do you think Doctor Who is so fond of them? That being said: Yes to bowties! I think Holly would immediately be head over heels for Jackson if he wore a bowtie, she would forget all the drama between them.
    -Jonathan @ Scott Reads It

    1. Jonathan, I have always thought this about Jackson. In fact, its the entire reason I created Senator Healy's character and the Ball in Vortex. I wanted Jackson in a tux with a bow tie :)

      Mark, didn't you originally have a tie on in the Vortex shoot? I was thinking they photoshopped it out? But maybe it was just a regular tie.

      I think we need to name someone Jonathon...

    2. I did have a bow tie at one point...I was looking very bond if you ask me...But then we had to lose it so that I could look more "Covert Operative'y"...

  3. "Bowties are cool." -The 11th Doctor, "Doctor Who"

  4. I really like bowties. I think they're super classy but not too stereotypical. I agree with Jonathan. I think Holly would LOVE Jackson in a bowtie. I think the shoot looks really awesome, too. I'm interested in photography, so that basket/net idea seems really cool to me. :)