Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Technology Traditionalist?! WHAT?

How to get Real

In which I find out whether Julie is  a technology Traditionalist or not? 

1:00 PM me: I've got a question...seeing that so much of your job is online and accessing the Internet why don't you have one of these amazing phones?
1:02 PM Julie Cross: There's two reasons for this...
  But first I have to say that I'm road-tripping with the family and might have interruptions to this g-chat
1:03 PM And no I'm not driving

9 minutes
1:12 PM Julie Cross: Sorry...I faded out. Anyway, I have this attachment issue with my electronic devices
1:13 PM For example, I've had a new laptop for two months and I can't bring myself to use it yet.
1:18 PM me: Road tripping I'm jealous I love road trips...wait why can't you use it?
  You don't want to ruin it?
1:22 PM I understand wanting to keep things new is that it?
1:24 PM Julie Cross: No. Just don't like change. It will feel different. But when a device begins to fail or its time for a new version my nice husband buys me one and the it sits for a while...
1:25 PM He got me a new kindle for Christmas and I had him take it back because mine works fine and the there's reason #2...
1:28 PM me: I can understand that...change is hard for people but when you have something new don't you have a yearning to use the new technology aren't you excited
1:29 PM Do you not like waste?
1:31 PM Julie Cross: I don't mind wasting...lol. don't know. I'm weird. But with phones and the new kindle I sent back the big problem is touchscreens.

6 minutes
1:38 PM me: So your a traditionalist...
  Your an anti-touchscreen'er
 Julie Cross: Maybe...? That sounds fancy and I'm not fancy.
1:39 PM But yeah, anti touchscreen. And the G2 phone is the most advanced android with a keypad.
1:40 PM me: So that's the real problem is the touch screen we cut to the core of it
 Julie Cross: I have really weird thumbs. Its a recessive gene. My dad has them too.
1:41 PM Makes touchscreens really hard to use
1:42 PM me: That's a strange thing how weird are we talking?
1:43 PM Julie Cross: I can send you a picture...would that be weird?
 me: No not weird I'm totally curious now
1:44 PM Megan Fox has weird thumbs she always hides them in pictures
1:48 PM Julie Cross: Just emailed the picture...it says my thumb in the subject line.
1:49 PM me: I don't know that they are so weird but what specifically makes them bad to type with
1:52 PM Julie Cross: They're short and wide. I guess you can't see the short part in the picture because you'd have to compare it to the rest of my hand
1:54 PM me: Well now we need some sort of touch screen solution for people with this recession gene...
1:55 PM me: We need some reform for touchscreen
 Julie Cross: I'll contact the ADA about that.
 me: You truly should
1:56 PM There needs to be another option
What about you guys? Do you love or hate touchscreens? 

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  1. Depends up until a month ago I hated touchscreens, still do but since I can have basically any app of an iPhone . . .
    I had a change of heart but nah. I need to actually push the button instead of just tapping a screen. I dunno ..touch screens are weird