Thursday, February 21, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist: Part 2

me: Halfway Perfect Playlist part 2?
 Mark Perini: I'm in

6 minutes
6:43 PM Mark Perini: My next pick is Mae Just Let Go its all about falling in love and how confusing it can be and how you can be with with then but your mind can be somewhere far away

6 minutes
6:49 PM me: That's really good...I love it.
6:50 PM Mark Perini: Plus Mae is a killer band in general
 me: thinking about my next pick...okay, I'm choosing Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute because it's so perfect for the scene with Alex and Eve's first kiss. I actually envisioned it playing it that scene
6:51 PM Mark Perini: See that's what these playlists are supposed to be like
  As if their lives had a soundtrack
6:52 PM And that is why I picked the next song "Le Disko" by Shiny Toy Guns
6:53 PM I can totally envision this song playing when Alex is out and about in the clubs of NYC just fast living and quick choices without regard for the outcome
6:54 PM me: you mean when he's smoozing and snogging with all the interns?
6:55 PM Mark Perini: Lol exactly!
  He's just living day by day doing whatever he wants
6:58 PM me: My next pick is Feel Again by One Republic...and again, it's about And that moment when you realize that maybe you're ready to be in love again or let your guard down.
7:00 PM Mark Perini: I like that you have to be ready to love
  Ready to feel love again
 me: Exactly.
7:01 PM Mark Perini: Perfect
Listen to the playlist so far here

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