Tuesday, February 5, 2013

creepy old men appear in all of my novels

 In which we discuss Mark's amazing research trip to Columbia University and why we chose this as part of our setting for Halfway Perfect.
I love your pictures from the Columbia research mission!
9:56 AM Mark Perini: Thank you I had only been there one other time it really is so beautiful there it's like this educational oasis in the city
9:57 AM me: I'm glad we picked Columbia instead of NYU! It seems so Eve.
 Mark Perini: Yeah I think NYC is too spaced out there wouldn't be a set campus so she would always be running around crazy like
9:59 AM me: Plus Jackson and Holly went to NYU and I like learning about a new school. Do you think it's a problem that Professor Larson is present in both Tempest and Halfway Perfect?
10:00 AM Mark Perini: Yeah it's good to have a fresh setting...I don't think it's an issue Larson is a pretty perfect professor name I think...
 me: And I have so much trouble coming up with last names.
10:01 AM Mark Perini: lol really? It can literally be anything...
  Maybe this can be something in your published works, a recurring name...
10:02 AM me: exactly what I need! Creepy old men appearing in each of my novels...lol...okay he's not creepy
10:03 AM Mark Perini: hey I didn't make the pattern I'm just bringing attention to it lol...
 me: alright, alright...so how does Columbia compare to your college?
10:05 AM Mark Perini: Well I went to Seton Hall and it's a really beautiful campus as well but it's a lot smaller than Columbia and the buildings are a lot smaller...And Columbia feels like it has some serious history you can feel that when your there...
10:08 AM me: I love the dorm that you picked for Eve and the courtyard place behind it...it looks like a place I'd want to sit and write a book. But I've researched and lots of the columbia housing are all single rooms. did you have a roommate?
10:11 AM Mark Perini: Thank you! Yeah I think it's perfect because the city is so crazy I think Eve would appreciate having a mellow place to kind of collect her thoughts...My freshman year I had a two person dorm with three people in it lol...It was smaller than a studio apartment with three people in it...
  How about you?
10:13 AM me: I can't imagine 3 dudes crammed into a 2 dude space. yikes.
10:14 AM Mark Perini: It was tight a twin bunk bed and a single bed and three desks
10:15 AM me: and regarding my experience (in the one year that I attended college since you're the only college graduate in this co-authorship) I had a roommate who was somewhat normal. Could have been worse...
10:16 AM let's just say, I was less than studious in my pre-college school years which left for little opportunity to be picky about post high school education...
10:17 AM Mark Perini: I understand but it's good that your roommate experience was a positive one
10:18 AM Yeah I was kind of the opposite I worked my ass of in high school (excuse my french) but I really did...
10:19 AM me: you totally have an intellectual edge over me
 Mark Perini: no way that's not true I think college is important but not vital  What do you think? Is college all it's built up to be? 


  1. Good question about college. I graduated from a state college but lived at home (lived within a mile of campus). My husband went to one year of college. He makes twice as much money as me.

    I think going to college depends on the kid. Some are just meant to start working after high school because they barely got through high school. Some like school and want to go. Some pick careers that require college (doctor, lawyer, etc). So, I think it all depends on the kid/situation.

  2. I love the idea of Eve's dorm. Sounds a little out of the way, sheltered. I was enrolled in a gigantic UC school so dorm experience was both like a cinder-block cell (first year) and an old, creaky building full of dark hallways, one beautiful courtyard and one huge fireplace (my last two years). Fun to hear about why/how you chose the setting.

  3. I'm in my first year of college, and it's been sorta crazy so far. My room is tiny, but at least I only have to share with one other girl... I just have to say, Julie and Mark, if you guys ever need stories about an obnoxious roommate then I could help there. I've got loads of them...