Monday, February 11, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist: Part 1

Mark Perini: Kk
1:38 PM me: I was thinking about the playlist for Halfway Perfect about I pick a song and explain why I picked and then you do the same and will integrate them into one list? Maybe we'll just pick 3 songs each today?

9 minutes
1:47 PM Mark Perini: Perfect yeah I like this game...

12 minutes
2:00 PM me: okay, what's your first song choice for Alex and Eve's story?
2:01 PM Mark Perini: I think for me it's Incubus Warning... Because Eve is really complex and she tries to tell Alex and she really struggles and she wants this new start and a second chance
2:05 PM me: oh....I like that story behind the song story.
 Mark Perini: Yeah it's a lot of layers
  Plus it's a bada** song...
2:07 PM me: Yes! so true. Okay, my first choice is My Oh My by Tristan's more about Wes (the ex) than about Alex. Actually Wes' unwavering hold over Eve.
  I especially like this line "Just when I thought I was free
Knock, knock, the door is locked
But you still got a key"
2:08 PM Mark Perini: So he's kind of keeping her on the edge of her seat and manipulating his control?
  I like that
2:09 PM me: yeah, and even the simpler theme of not being able to let go of your first love
  okay, what's your next pick?
2:13 PM Mark Perini: Okay my next is Brand New I believe you but my tommy gun don't
2:14 PM It's about Alex in the beginning of the story it's all about him he's solo and a star
2:15 PM But it's also multilayered in the fact that he's what Eve needs
2:17 PM Favorite line is "im heaven sent,
dont you dare forget.
i am all you've wanted,
what all the other boys all promised.
sorry i told. i just needed you to know."
  Sorry about the bad grammar/formatting I copied it from an emo blog lol
 me: yeah, I like that. That totally nails Alex's character. he's confident but not annoyingly arrogant, and he's self reliant but that doesn't mean he'd can't be happy with someone.
2:18 PM Mark Perini: Exactly
 me: let's all blame the emo blog! awesome
2:19 PM okay my next pick is New York State of Mind...the Billy Joel version. And that's just a literal representation for Eve coming back to NYC and how much she loves it and what being a student at Columbia means to her
  not much layers in that choice I
 Mark Perini: But still an awesome song and that's part of it too
2:21 PM me: okay, you're 3rd pick for today...?
 Mark Perini: Okay now my pure music pick is Intro by the XX
  There are no lyrics
2:22 PM But for me it's all about the ambiance of the song I could totally see them playing it at a chic lounge in NYC and just whisking you away to that place of coolness
2:23 PM And there is totally something mysterious about the song and I think Alex and Eve are attracted to each other because of their relative mystery
2:24 PM me: This is why I'm glad we're doing this together because I'm all about the lyrics and it's nice to have a different perspective. And I just listened to that song and it's really cool
 Mark Perini: Relative=Respective
2:25 PM I'm all about the music the lyrics are secondary I memorize the way a song sounds before I memorize the lyrics
2:29 PM me: I always memorize lyrics first.
2:30 PM Mark Perini: See I think that's a male vs female thing?
  That's why it's nice we have two perspectives on the story
 me: My 3rd pick is Jar of Hearts by Christina Peri. I know it's like 2 angry ex lover songs but Eve comes face-to-face with Wes after 2 years of being away from him and she has to deal with that before Alex really comes into the picture and I guess my song choices are going in order of the plot
2:32 PM Mark Perini: That's a good song as well there's always a bit of anger when it comes to past love...especially when it's as emotional as Eve and Wes and when it ends as unsettled as they did...
2:33 PM me: yes, totally. And I love that I have never heard of any of your song picks before. It's a really eclectic mix so far which is awesome, imo  You can listen to the playlist here but like our novel, it's work in progress so expect additions and changes.

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