Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Halfway Perfect Playlist part 3

11:31 AM Julie Cross: Awesome! Halfway Perfect Playlist part 3...let's add two songs each today?
11:33 AM me: I'm on board
11:34 AM Julie Cross: Okay, I'll start this one but just a warning...it's Kelly Clarkson
 me: Ouch there goes our macho playlist
11:36 AM Julie Cross: I know...it's gonna get even worse. So I'm adding Darkside by Kelly Clarkson. It's just so Eve. Not much else to say then that.
11:37 AM me: Okay keeping it a little mysterious I like it...
11:39 AM For me my next pick is Mae Embers and Envelopes it's about getting over your pride and making love work no matter what Alex and Eve are gonna be faced with a lot of drama and if they want to succeed they need to be ready to change for the better
11:41 AM Julie Cross: And to think....we questioned whether we were really writing a love story or a while back...remember that?
11:42 AM me: Lol I know it just organically turned into a love story I suppose but there is a big element if coming of age too
11:43 AM Julie Cross: yes, but can you really come of age without experiencing love at least on a small scale?
11:45 AM me: Absolutely not your completely right that's why it just happened
 Julie Cross: My next addition is Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
11:46 AM It's perfect for when Alex is trying to get Eve to see her relationship for what it truly was and to come to terms with that.
 me: I really like that song
11:47 AM And I hadn't thought about it in that context
  But your completely right
11:48 AM That took a lot for Alex too
 Julie Cross: this verse is what sold me on this song, "The anger swells in my guts
And I won't feel these slices and cuts
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine"
 me: That's what I was looking at just now
  I looked up the lyrics and that's what stood out to me
11:49 AM Julie Cross: It actually plays in my head during that one scene right after the Cosmo photo shoot. Can't remember what chapter
11:50 AM me: Yeah I don't remember either but you're exactly right because he's pretty broken up
 Julie Cross: And all her wants is to just get through to her.
11:51 AM there's also this line, "Get up, get out, get away from these liars
'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire"
 me: And she's blinded because she's so intertwined with the situation
 Julie Cross: yeah. totally. Okay what's your next addition?
11:53 AM me: Okay my next song choice is a bit complex...Cartel Burn the City...and the explanation is 3 parts...
11:54 AM 1st the songs all about living your life with passion whatever that means to you whatever makes you happy even if that means doing something that maybe risky...
  2nd it's about Alex in the beginning of the story feeling like he is invincible and nothing could touch him
11:56 AM Julie Cross: yes! that's perfect. And this line, "they're the ones who are missing out
We were elemental, talked down to bare essentials.
Who knew we'd get so far?" is so perfect for Alex's feelings like he didn't fit in with his family and they think his modeling is just a hobby
 me: And finally it's about being a kid and just having fun and truly living
11:57 AM Exactly he followed his passion
  And found his happiness
 Julie Cross: It really goes well with the fake relationship with Elana too
11:58 AM me: I hadn't even thought about that
  Your right
11:59 AM More complex than I realized
12:00 PM Julie Cross: the fake relationship with Elana combined with the secret relationship with Eve and this line, "Pack our bags and get away - they're catching on to us."
12:01 PM me: So true I really hadn't even thought about that
Check out the playlist so far right here!


  1. I love how you guys are making a playlist for halfway perfect, which i can't wait to read! But everytime i go to read an excerpt it says the page no longer exists, is it just me?

    1. Sorry about the confusion! We took the excerpt down because the book is on submission. I'll take down the link/mention of it asap.