Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gettin' Laid at Dairy Queen

**Just some basic set up info, the aforementioned Eve is one of two main characters in the NA novel Mark and I have co-authored called HALFWAY PERFECT. Eve is 18, a former model turned Columbia University student. She moved to NYC at 14 to model as a way to escape her white trash Indiana upbringing.

Mark Perini: Talk on the street is that there are some new songs to add to the playlist?!?
10:14 AM me: yes! I've recently become re-antiquated with my 18 year old self and came up with what I'm calling Eve's Anthem
  hang on though...gotta make another cup of coffee
10:18 AM Mark Perini: Lol could it be? A rebel Julie Cross from the Midwest? I'm on my first cup is that bad?
  I'm still jet lagged
10:19 AM me: I'm making my second cup now. I try to stop at 3
  used to drink it all day long...
  ok so first I have to ask if I've told you the story of how I met my husband Nick?
10:21 AM Mark Perini: I usually have one otherwise I'm way to caffeinated, shaking and generally hyperactive...No I never heard the story in full I just know you met in college 
10:22 AM me: well, that's pretty much the story and I promise this connects to Eve's Anthem
  We met the day I moved into my dorm at Southern Illinois University. He was my student life adviser. a wise sophomore
10:23 AM Mark Perini: You were taken by his elder wisdom?
 me: oh yes. He's incredibly wise. in fact...
10:24 AM I can't remember how this came about but I think I must have been complaining about my English 101 instructor
10:26 AM this led to me telling him my instructor's name and right away, he was like...wait? Does he have red hair and a red beard?
10:27 AM Mark Perini: Side note to the story isn't it ironic that the future successful author is complaining about a terrible English professor? There is some irony there...
10:28 AM me: Well he wasn't terrible, I was just struggling to understand his methods. I got a C on my first paper
10:30 AM Once I confirmed the red hair/beard and then pointed him out to Nick he was like, omg...that's one of the dudes from this Ska band I really like
  of course I was like, wtf is Ska music? Is that Broadway?
10:31 AM Mark Perini: Hahaha no way
 me: Yeah, I was clueless
10:32 AM Mark Perini: I would never picture a ska band member teaching English lol
10:33 AM me: of course Nick being a big fan had their music and this guy was hard-core English dude. And then I hear this song by the band that's called Digits and it's all about toe jam
10:35 AM Mark Perini: Lol ska has always been a really zany, fun, carefree genre
10:37 AM me: Yeah totally. But it wasn't my usual choice of music however I bought the CD and became addicted to it. Then I got brave enough to mention to this teacher that I really liked his music and then he helped me with my next couple of papers and my grades went way up.
10:38 AM Mark Perini: Lol Hahahaha that's as good as a bribe to a musician
 me: the power of sucking up
10:39 AM Mark Perini: Lol nothing wrong with that
10:40 AM me: I don't think he's in the band anymore because his name isn't listed on the website so I won't mention it here
 Mark Perini: So did you instantly connect to ska? Or was it the curiosity that fueled it
10:41 AM me: hard to say. I was insanely curious about an English teacher's secret band with funny obscene songs. But connecting back to Eve...
10:42 AM the first song on the album for the band called Mu330 is Hoosier Love and it's so fun and upbeat, I connected right away
10:45 AM Until yesterday, I hadn't thought about this band or that song forever. Then I realized Hoosier Love perfectly represents out main girl Eve's white trash Indiana up bringing and her need to use modeling to escape that destiny
10:46 AM Mark Perini: Yeah and I think that connects with Alex too even though he didn't so much need to escape he still used modeling as his way to bigger and better things in life
10:47 AM Of course I would be curious of a teacher in a band as well
10:48 AM me: totally. And maybe we should link Eve's anthem? I'm going to look for a video or something...
10:50 AM
 Mark Perini: It's really is perfect
10:51 AM It*
 me: can't believe it took me this long to remember it.
 Mark Perini: It wasn't on your mind
  Did something trigger it?
10:52 AM me: I was buying music on my phone yesterday (I've caved and started doing that now btw)
10:53 AM and I have an over-abundance of similar more mello sounding songs already (Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Lumineers, Parachute) and I needed something more upbeat and different for my half marathon training
10:57 AM Mark Perini: Lol first off I'm very proud second of all I know the feeling because I have so much mellow Indy Rock on my phone when I go to the gym I'm hard pressed to find anything appropriate
10:58 AM me: yeah, it's amazing how you need that different feel to get you moving quicker
10:59 AM Not right for this playlist but I highly recommend STUFF by Mu330 if anyone is looking for the anti-romance song

5 minutes
11:05 AM Mark Perini: For sure it's true I'm going to download the album because in high school I loved Ska
  Not that I need an anti-romance song
11:08 AM me: but it's a fun song so it's okay to be anti-romance.
11:10 AM Mark Perini: Shhhh...that's a secret were writing a book with a lot of romance
11:11 AM me: I know. I'd love to add it to a book's playlist but it fits absolutely NOTHING that I've ever written
11:12 AM Mark Perini: You'll just have to dream something else up
  Influenced by the song
11:14 AM me: now that would be a challenge. writing that character? no way.
  I feel the same about She's So Mean by Matchbox Twenty. I love that song and I'm dying to write that girl's book but it would too hard. Not likable enough
11:15 AM Mark Perini: Yeah the liability of the MC is vital we made Alex more likable from when we first wrote him
11:16 AM me: yeah, it's so crucial. Flaws are fine, but unlikable...unforgivable
11:19 AM Mark Perini: It's funny how with writing you have this ultimate freedom to craft whatever you want however, there are some universal truths that stand the test of time

8 minutes
11:27 AM me: there's a lot of them actually. But I love the challenge of breaking the cardinal rules and making it work.
11:30 AM Mark Perini: still a rebel at heart  So what do you think of the song? 

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